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GNM: Living with the Knowledge Webinar

GNM is a revolutionary new way of understanding what it means to be healthy. When we recognize that our symptoms represent a meaningful biological response to unexpected events and circumstances in our lives, we can start to have less fears around our health.

Many people feel very comfortable with applying the Five Biological Laws of GNM when it comes to common ailments and conditions, but have a more difficult time when it relates to a more "serious" condition or diagnosis. This Webinar Series is meant to address these challenges. 

This two day webinar will focus on how to deal with Infections and Diagnosis Shocks, from a GNM perspective. It is ideal for anyone looking to learn how to live with the knowledge of GNM. This webinar will also provide participants with ample opportunity to get their questions answered. 

We are very fortunate to have Caroline Markolin, Ph.D. as a special guest for both webinar days. Caroline had the opportunity to learn from and work closely with Dr. Hamer for many years. She is responsible for translating Dr. Hamer's original research into English. She has also worked diligently for several years to make Dr. Hamer's research available to the world through the website. This webinar is a great opportunity for people to have access to Caroline's knowledge, insight and experience with GNM.


If you are interested in taking your knowledge of GNM to another level, then join us for this 2-day online webinar. Here are the details:


Saturday, March 21 from 2:00-4:00 pm EST (Toronto time)- Dealing with Infections

Sunday, March 22 from 2:00-4:00 pm EST (Toronto time)- Dealing with Diagnosis Shocks


Early Bird rate is $100 CAD for both days

After March 14, Webinar fee is $120 CAD

There are no prerequisites for this webinar and everyone is welcome. However ,knowledge of the Five Biological Laws are highly recommended. The webinar will be recorded and registrants will have access to the recordings for a limited time.

Register here: Save my seat

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