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Clinical Cases and Observations

Practical Applications of GNM

Please note:

The following case studies represent a combination of actual clinical patients being treated for their neuromusculoskeletal complaints, as well as clinical observations of patients who simply share other health symptoms for which they seek a GNM understanding, and not chiropractic treatment.


I would also like to thank my patients over the years, for allowing me to be part of their health journey and for sharing their stories so others can benefit from their courage and growth! Without YOU there would be no cases! Thank you for your trust, loyalty and support!

The following cases are for educational and informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.  If you are suffering from any of the symptoms described below, please use your own judgement and seek out the help of the appropriate health care professional.

Neck and Shoulder Pain:

Mid-Back and Low Back Pain:

Hip Pain:

Knee Pain:

Heel Pain:


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