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Chiropractic, Energy Medicine and GNM

Clinical visits are comprehensive sessions that involve a combination of hands-on therapy, chiropractic, muscle work, energy medicine and craniosacral therapy. These customize treatments are based on helping you to understand the conflict that triggered the biological program that caused your symptoms. Strategies on how to downgrade or resolve your conflict will be discussed, in order to help you to finally have relief. Once the conflict is identified, Chiropractic treatment, body work and energy medicine are applied as needed.

Dr. Alvin received his Bachelor of Science degree from York University with a Combined Honours in Psychology and Kinesiology.  He traveled to the United States to meet his wife and also to pick up his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from New York Chiropractic College. He has evolved his practice in over 15 years of clinical experience.  His main focus now is to help you understand your symptoms, using the knowledge of GNM and the Five Biological Laws, so that you are less fearful and more empowered than when you first came in.

Dr. Alvin has a private practice inside the Medrehab Group Clinic in Richmond Hill/Vaughan, Ontario (a few minutes from Toronto); and in Woodbridge.

We might be a good fit if you:

- are critical consumer of information and love to do your own research and question things before implementing new ideas

- appreciate the spiritual component of healing even if you don't quite understand it

- understand that your symptoms are often opportunities for you to learn, grow and evolve as a human being

- are inspired by the beauty and order of mother nature and as in nature, appreciate the innate intelligence of your body

- know what it's like to get inside someone else's skin and crawl around in it

- love to read and think logically, but trust your heart when making decisions

- prefer to walk alone sometimes but it doesn't mean you don't enjoy laughing in the company of friends and family

- know you have more to offer the world but you're just waiting for the right time 

- like the occasional chocolate dipped ice cream cone from the ice cream truck 


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