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Joanne (Netherlands)
Bill (United Kingdom)

I just finished watching your webinar. Thank you very much. It was very well done, very clear and certainly contributed to my deeper understanding of GNM pertaining to the two skin layers and our relationship to ourselves. I love the 'ABC' approach.  Very well thought out! Looking forward to a new webinar in the future! 

Thank you very much for taking the time and effort to produce the skin webinar.You did a great job and I really enjoyed watching the recording of it. So great to have the support of people like yourself spreading the word that we can pass on to others, so thank you again Alvin.

Claudia (United Kingdom)
Lynn (Toronto, Canada)

I managed to listen to the whole seminar this morning.I enjoyed it thoroughly as it helps me big time to refresh the teachings and get the odd blank filled in...repetition works for me! So thanks for setting this up....Thanks so much as always!! Warm regards.

I really enjoyed the GNM video on the flu.  It helps eliminate the fear of contracting viruses. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and GNM wisdom.  Looking forward to the next webinar.  

Stephanie (California, USA)

I thoroughly enjoyed this webinar.  Very informative.  It's a relief to know how my body works.  I would attend your next webinar as I find this information fascinating. After understanding GNM. I have made some adjustments in my life and I have noticed an improvement in my physical health. My upper and lower back pain went away. I just had my cycle and there was not any PMS. This was amazing. I'm sleeping better too. Thank you again for your services.

Judy (Stoney Creek, Canada)

Thanks so  much for this webinar.  How awesome and mysterious the human system is.  Mind blowing really.  With heartfelt gratitude to our Creator, Dr. Hamer and you as a presenter to lift another tip of the mystery which we are as human beings.May this German New Medicine become soon the accepted paradigm for healing.  The whole world would benefit. Thanks so much for your time and effort and those behind the scene to make this webinar possible 

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